Account Statements Case Study

A simple way to generate a bank statement for a digital alternative app that helps you to manage the financial services.

👨‍💻 Project type: Interview assignment | Year: 2020

The Process

─ Initial request

The product management team has requested an easy to use, intuitive soulution which should allow app users to generate an bank account statement directly in their mobile app.

There were few requirements in order to build a successful solution:

  • Help people to generate a statement easy and fast
  • Generate the statement from a flexible period of time
  • Create an easy to use and intuitive solution
─ Design process

We used the Design Thinking process to help us understand the users and their needs and deliver a better product for them that will also achieve the business goals.

The process is iterative and it can start at any phase, depending on the information we have and the project size. There are many advantages of using a User Centred approach so we will use this to develop this product.

─ Emphatize

In order to define our users problems we had to empathize with them first, to see what are their problems and needs.

The quickest way to build empathy was to start adopting a beginner's mindset and also try to use competitors applications and discover ourselves what problems we have and what we like and find intuitive to use. Doing that we were able to define our problems and start thinking about solutions.

─ Define

To see what steps to take in order to generate a statement, we've used the storytelling technique based on the research on competitors from the empathize phase, then we were able to define our problems.

─ How might we

I would like to generate a statement easy and fast with a flexible period of time, and also see a history of my generated statements that i can sort.

HMW help people to generate a statement easy and fast?

HMW generate the statement from a flexible period of time?

HMW help people to see their previous statements?

─ Ideate

Once we've defined our problems and directions, we did a quick sketch of the steps that people will take to generate a statement.

The action of generate should be visible and quick accessible so we've assumed that is better to display underneath the card.

─ Prototype

We started doing the wireframes first based on the previous phase, we kept in mind the idea of simplicity and the easy of use functions.

Once everything was ready we started doing the prototype and do some tests internally to gather some feedback and also to validate our assumptions.

─ UI design

Everything was good and there was no need for iteration in the process so we started doing the Visual Design.

Prototype link:

─ Final thoughts

Although there were some constraints I was able to identify user needs and problems and develop an effective solution to address them.

The feature will enable the possibility to generate bank account statements directly within users' mobile app and this will help to reduce customer service inquiries and keep customers satisfied.

Overall, I believe the process and task were a success and have been beneficial for both users and the product management team.

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