I initially wanted to write this entire article with the help of OpenAI but quickly changed my mind thinking that this will defeat the purpose of this whole section, which is writing articles to help with my writing skills.

Even though, I was thinking of somehow integrating AI into my process of writing instead of getting rid of it completely, parts of this article are written with the help of AI, let’s see how things worked.

AI and Designers

I agree that AI can be intimidating, but it also has the potential to greatly enhance the work of designers and elevate their creativity to new heights. We see a lot of images generated on the web that in my opinion are awesome pieces of art, there are things that we can only imagine a few years ago, and now a simple sentence describing your idea will generate an actual artifact that beautifully brings that idea to life.

One example that came to my mind is that AI can be used to generate sketch ideas at the beginning of the design process, providing a starting point for designers to build upon and inspiring new creative directions.

I remember back in the days when I was trying to do illustration/artwork, I had so many ideas but I always had difficulties with how they can be translated into an actual design. Having all those AI generators back in that time might have changed my design career, who knows, probably not, I am not so talented anyway :D.

Will AI replace designers?

Because AI has become a hot topic in recent years, and probably because is advancing fast in technology, there is often a concern that AI may replace some human workers, including designers. In my opinion, those days are far away from happening, I rather think that it has the potential to enhance and augment the work that designers do instead of replacing it.

Of course, AI can do some tasks more easily and fast with more efficiency and accuracy than humans but is important to remember that AI is not capable to replicate creativity, empathy, and innovation that is the base of a designer’s work.

How is AI performed in this article?

Parts of this article were written with the help of ChatGPT through the chat.openai.com platform. The process was simple, I already knew the subject and had some ideas about how the article should be written, so I tried to get another perspective. After every sentence, I asked AI to write a similar one and try to compare the two sentences, in the end doing a mix between those two.

I like the fact that AI brings a new perspective, for me it’s like a teacher who helps me improve and complete the writing part, always giving me new ideas. I even tried to ask about full articles, and again, a lot of good ideas can help you start, but sometimes they just repeat the same sentence and idea but with different words and compositions.

I would have asked for your opinion on how you think AI performed and helped me during this writing process, but at the moment the comments are not available on the website. 

Final thoughts

I think we are safe for now with AI taking our jobs. You might try to use this new technology to your advantage, and bring it into your work process, it will give you a good starting point and a good companion along the way.