UK Police Report Case Study

UK Police Report App is a platform where people can submit small crime reports that happened to them or to their community members.

👨‍💻 Project type: Interview assignment | Year: 2020

The Process

─ Initial request

UK Police requested a new project that needed to build a mobile app who would help UK citizens to report different crimes in a easy to use and intuitive way.

  • The app should be easy to use on mobile devices
  • Easy way to enter the details of crime and personal details
  • Possibility to see the status of the report at any time
─ Design process

Since this is a small project i chose a design process that would help me to deliver the requests from the customer.

This process is not a linear one, i can choose to start with any step i need depending on my needs and customer needs. The proces is iterative so we will always find ideas to improve the final product and deliver a great experience for the user.

─ Research

After reading the initial request of the client, i've tried to understand better what is the purpose of the app. Knowing nothing about crime types, i started to research more about them to see what are the differences between and how to catalogue them.

I've found a website that helped me to see the different crime types:

─ Customer journey

I did a simple scenario of how the website application will be used and got some ideas about how i can design a solution for each step.

─ Wireframes & flow
─ Prototype & test

After i made all the wireframes needed i did some internal team tests to see if the prototype deliver a good experience for the user. I usually do tests at this step in the process because it is easier and fast to do the changes if is necessary.

The wireframes prototype can be found here:

─ UI design

Once the testing of the prototype is done and everything goes well, i start doing the UI design based on the wireframes.

I also made a prototype for the final design:

─ Final thoughts

It was really fun to work on this assignment and i've had a lot of benefits for doing this. The most challenging part of this project was to keep a simple and fast way to submit the report form. For the UI i've got inspiration from the actual UK police website.

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